The Big Sheila

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June 21, 2013 by Tummy Worms

The Big Sheila

Nestled in sleepy Opera Estate, somewhere in the east of Singapore, The Big Sheila comes up BIG in whipping up a unique and wonderful Aussie dining experience. The Big Sheila has a great homely feel once you step in. It is as if you’ve stepped into the dining room of a friend playing host, and boy is Sheila a great host. She makes it a point to interact with all her guests and you can be sure to be well taken care off under her roof as one can see the loving effort that goes into each item served up at the table.

Tummy Worms visited on a Sunday for Brunch with a relatively big party which meant we could taste many of the items on the menu!


Spiced Fish and Chips! – $29

The Fish and Chips came Aussie styled, piping hot and absolutely crispy. They came in a metal bucket and served with mint peas. The deep fried flakes of the fish were seasoned with cumin and salt and it was perfect with a cold beer. The fish was juicy and fresh and quite possibly one of the contenders for best fish and chips we ever had.


TBS Chickie Schnitzel – $22

The TBS Chickie Schnitzel came served with sauerkraut, slices of baguette, salted butter and a side of aioli. The schnitzel differed from the traditional schnitzel which were flatten and broad. The schnitzel at Big Sheila were instead cuts of chicken breast meat which were thick and juicy and spiced to perfection. The Sauerkraut was refreshing and was a welcome complement to the fried chicken. Then there is something so wonderful about fresh bread and factor in a kick ass salted butter into the equation, we were hooked!

Word of advice though, do remove the sauerkraut from on top of the schnitzel after it is served. Towards the end, the schnitzel was soggy and took the crisp bite away as it absorbed the juices from the sauerkraut.


Home Made Baked Beans with Yummy Bits! – $22

The Home Made Baked Beans at The Big Sheila was lovingly baked together with strips of bacon and tender pork cubes. They all came together to put forth a salty goodness of beans and pork which made this a great side to have. Served with the fresh baguette and salted butter too.


Eggs Benedict (Salmon)

As you may already have known, we at Tummy Worms love brunch, and what other dish is a better symbol for brunch than the Eggs Benedict? The Eggs Benedict at The Big Sheila goes through the entire works with a Brioche toast as the base, buttered spinach, poached eggs and smoked salmon topped off with their hollandaise sauce.

It was a creamy melody of salty salmon, eggs and butter spinach together with soft brioche. The texture however was largely soft and heavy with the hollandaise sauce. We would have preferred a little bit of juxtaposition of textures with something crispy inside, maybe bacon bits or having the brioche toasted a little longer.


Brunch Tortilla – $20

The Brunch Tortilla was an interesting dish that came up. Essentially it was layers of potatoes and eggs with chorizo with roasted tomatoes. It was creamy and soft, much like the consistency of an omelette. Having this by yourself may make you pretty full and it would be a good idea to share this if you do order it.


Arancini Balls – $14

The Arancini Ball is a fried rice ball coated with bread crumbs. The Arancini Ball served here were made with mushroom risotto with a tinge of truffle and came with a dash of aioli and arugula. It mushroom risotto was very flavourful and reminded me of wild mushroom soup and the fried bread crumbs and truffle made this a great bite.

Now, the following photos may make you salivate and no, we are not sorry for that. When you visit The Big Sheila, never, ever leave this place without tasting its desserts.

They all looked SOOOO GOOOD that we were in a major dilemma on what to have for desserts! One thing we learnt about TBS is that the food portion is massive. So we told ourselves to be discipline and only ordered one dessert because our stomachs were already happy and full from the main courses. In the end, we chose the nutella cup which was accompanied by vanilla cream. It was so delicious, these little cups of heaven.

We love this cosy outlet and hear they will be expanding their outlet! Tummyworms have already visited TBS twice and we’re pretty damn sure we’ll be back again real soon! <3

The Big Sheila
15 Swan Lake Avenue
+65 66454422
Mon – Fri: 11:30 – 15:00
Wed – Fri: 18:30 – 22:00
Sat: 09:00 – 16:00


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